This is where you will find information on the books that I have authored and co-authored. These are all English textbooks for EFL students that are part of The English Course series. These titles are not just textbooks, but part of blended learning products that include not just books, but also interactive media such as audio, video, games and quizzes, to help students learn more effectively.

All of these titles are published by Kabushikigaisha The English Company in Tokyo, Japan.

These titles are traditional paper-based print media, but they are all in the process of becoming digital publications, with all of the extra interactive media built in to the new versions, rather than being served up on CD, DVD or on the web.

Here is the current list of published paper-based titles in The English Course series:

The English Course - Discussion Book 1 (2017)
The English Course - Discussion Book 2 (2015)
The English Course - Speaking Starter (2010 and 2012)
The English Course - Speaking Book 1 (2007)
The English Course - Writing Book 1 (2008)

The two Speaking books are due to undergo a complete overhaul over the next two years and will be radically rewritten, reformatted and redesigned. In fact, they will be retitled, too. Look out for The English Course - Speaking and Listening Book 1 and The English Course - Speaking and Listening Book 2 in the not-to-distant future. You should also look out for our app when it finally sees the light of day. Another project that is underway is a book to support students taking the Language and Culture class that I teach at Chuo University. This is likely to be a digital-only publication.

Image file of the cover of The English Course - Discussion Book 1